Not sure what i need to make this work.

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I have a website that im making for this company and im really not sure how to do what their asking of me. They want to make changes to pictures and text on a few of the webpages ( index, what's new and about us at the bottom, employee pictures). How do i do that? I know in flash i can use note pad to be able to change text in certain areas of my flash file instead of going into flash and make the changes. Here is the link to the site . So to sum it up , i need some way of being able to change the pictures and text on a certain webpage without having to go into dreamweaver and change them myself, something like note pad that they can change the pictures and stuff then upload using ftp program back to the site root folder or a admin type thing on the site itself that they can log into and be able to make the changes. Something anyway. Thanks for you help.
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So you're basically asking, "How do I be a webmaster?"

Sorry to sound sarcastic, but your question left me a little confused. Maybe you're looking for a CMS (cntent management system)?
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aight folks, that's kinda cold...
'how do i be a webmaster?'
i mean, f'sho... it's a pretty big question, but hey... whatev's...
the site looks like a lot of flash, so...
what you can do is, for the text, use that whole notepad document jobby job...

for the images, well, instead of putting actual images in the spaces where you'll want to have images going in and out, you can just put in empty movieclips (i.e. insert a new movieclip and just don't put anything in there.)

first thing you'll wanna do is save the image you'll be using for now (call it, for argument's sake, "bench1.jpg") wherever you want. for now, let's save it in the same directory as the flash document.

then, where you want the image to go, put the movieclip and give it an instance name (for argument's sake, "image1".) you want to put the movieclip at where the top left corner of the image is gonna be.

then put any motions or effects or whatever you want on the movieclip, imagining that you're actually doing it to the image.
then, on frame 1, just put some code to the effect of:
loadMovie("bench1.jpg", "image1");

that will load the picture of a bench into the empty movie clip.

if your client ever wants to change what picture is in the flash presentation, all they have to do is upload another image with the same file name (i.e. "bench1.jpg") and be sure to write over the old one.

then, when the flash document loads bench1.jpg, it'll be the new bench1.jpg.

i know that was prolly one of the most roundabout ways to explain things... but, hey, check it out...


if yer talking about html, that's another story, but you did ask a pretty vague question.
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Content management system, try Mambo, its simple to use and its web based so you can change any content by logging in ias admin in the login window, (you have to have Mysql and PHP to use it though. look at my site:

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