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I run a website for a softball league in which I also play and I'm trying to find a new way of showing the playoff tree on the website. In the past I would receive the playoff schedule in an excel sheet, convert it to a PDF and then embed the pdf on the website for people to use.

I want to try something new this year. Can you suggest some options on how to do this in a better way?
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It looks like there's a lot of applications out there which can convert that Excel spreadsheet into HTML, which could be displayed on the webpage without people having to download and open a new file.

Here's what I would start my search with.

The basic idea would be to find an application that exports something that looks close to what you want to see when you look at it in your browser, and maybe fine-tuning the result with CSS.
From there it could be as simple as placing an <iframe> where you usually place the link to the PDF and point that <iframe>s address to the HTML file the application you find exports.
When you need to update it, you just re-export to HTML then upload the new file to the place the <iframe> points, overwriting the old version.
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A table seems to work nicely :)

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