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I discovered a neat tool today at Stick the url of one of your pages in and see the results. You could spend half an hour or more just looking at all the information that it returns. Definitely a case of information overload - I wonder if it is reliable?

It gave me an 85/100 for speed. Apparently I've been wasting 186 milliseconds loading an old javascript file I thought I'd removed the reference to.

I also noticed that google analytics makes a request for an image when the page loads. Is that how GA knows when a page is viewed?

Has anybody used this or similar tools before?
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Post 3+ Months Ago

I wouldn't read too much into the overall page score, but the data it provides is useful. The page score seems to rate the page, un-handicapped, against a single global standard rather than the page's own potential.

I had an A.C.F.D.A.F site score a 92/100 whereas an A.A.A.D.A.F site scored 86/100; which makes little sense to me.

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