Places To Reuse Images In Designs

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I just realized I have a tendency to reuse whatever image I designate for a menubar background, to also be the background for <form> buttons in my designs. I think I do this because my <form> buttons are always small and short enough to fit inside of my menubar image, meaning I can set the position of the background image for buttons to 50% and not worry about whether the image is large enough.
That, and the middle of my menubar images always seems to carry the most detail.
I also set a border on the buttons to make them stand out a bit if the background color and image colors are the same.

This leaves me wondering, do any of you have little things like that you do to reuse images in a design ?
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Post 3+ Months Ago

I can't say that I do ... usually I just have a tiled background image somewhere ... that's about the extent of it really ...
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It's a cool idea though, joe. I think I'll try and incorporate it into a design at some point....

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