Is it possible to do this?

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I'm not sure if this is the correct heading to post this question but here we go;

I am VERY new to website building, but have a good knowledge base in 3d max / autocad / photoshop.

I was wondering if it would be possible to build a website to achieve the following:

Would it be possible for registered users of a website to upload a series of images [say 6] and then once they are uploaded, is it possible for that person [who uploaded the images] to manipulate their position on screen.

I do not want to use flash if at all possible.

Additionally, would it be possible, once the pictures are uploaded to somehow automatically skew the picture similar to the skew in photoshop [edit - transform - skew]

i know these are probably pretty strange and diffiucult things to do, I just want to know if they might be possible to achieve somehow, and maybe roughly how - would I need some sort of progremmed routine in my website to do this?

Sorry if these seem daft questions - Thanks very much!!!

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short answer is yes all possible and done a lot of the time even here you can upload an avatar and the website resizes it to fit inside the box for you.
The problem is that this kind of thing is very advanced stuff and you would want to get to grips with other aspects of web design first!
As for the use of flash, in my experience flash is never that go a program to do anything at all not least because it takes time to load and it costs a lot of money!
Im afrade you are asking a lot and it would need lots of pagers and pagers of code to do it. And I myself am just starting to get to grips with this kind of functionality!

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