Posting weather data, XML, on static webpage??

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Ok, two posts in a row here. Im in a learning phase and are trying to absorb as much knowledge as possible, bear with me

OK, I know HTML and im learning CSS.. I dont know any programmin languages such as PHP and so on...

What I have (on localhost, nothing i ask about is published) is a static website...


On weather.html i want to show current weather on one or more places..

HEre is where I find the weather, ive taken a random place as example: ... Nordfjord/

Here you can see, in norwegian language, the current weahter and a forecast

They stream out this information in XML format, which i dont know anything about here: ... varsel.xml (every place you can include varsel.xml in the end to get this XML data.

Here is someone who with success has found a way to implement this data on their webpage using a PHP site.The site also gets the images for this..

Now, is there anyway for me to get a input of these wheater data without have to start with learning PHP..

Or does this need to be done in PHP.. Im looking for ANY way around this..

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