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I have a div set to a height of 230px, now in all browsers it shows it as 230px however IE 7 shows it as 460px now where is it getting 460 from? Here is my css
Code: [ Select ]
#wrapper_top {
    margin:0px auto;
  1. #wrapper_top {
  2.     display:block;
  3.     position:relative;
  4.     height:230px;
  5.     width:700px;
  6.     margin:0px auto;
  7.     background:orange;
  8.     overflow:hidden;
  9.     }

as you can see its a wrapper so it matters,
If I run it in what they call " compatibly view" its fine 230px. Its a mad world but Microsoft seem to want to make it even worse!

Ingore the background:orange its just there so I can see the div
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I suggest you set the padding to 0 just in case that box inherit a padding from a parent container. What mode did you define for the DTD?

Normally the discrepency would be just about 5 to 20 pixels but from 230px to 400px? It's really mad but I can see you have done from simple to double the value you specified. So really there is some logic to that because we can see the correlation.

I would love to see the web page (or full HTML markup and CSS style sheets) where that style is extracted from.

I sometimes found that defining a style for the font used can produce miracles.
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Change padding to zero..

Code: [ Select ]
#wrapper_top {
padding: 0;
  1. #wrapper_top {
  2. padding: 0;
  3. }

enjoy :)

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