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i use yahoo geocities and now
and important is i use public pc.

i just want to know:how can guess save the file at my website?
(imean forum ,guessbook....)

normally that file r send to the websiteserver directly,right?
and now ,are the file send to yahoo server
then tranfer to my account?(my website under yahoo)

but i am try hard to write guessreply n many isn't work.
what this mean?
r this mean it just can do a webpage ,not for website?
any one use freewebspace like me?give me some thing useful.
thank u!
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PLEASE, learn some english skills, and DON'T use things like "u" and "r" so much.

Now, onto your question, or what I can get from your post, at least.

To get a guestbook or forum hosted in your own hosting space, you WILL need some form of server-side scripting. The only way to do this WITHOUT server side scripting is to have the comments emailed to you through a web form and then you upload them manually.

Geocities DO NOT provide server side scripting. WILL provide you with PHP and MySQL if you place a link to their site on your homepage, so go with them if you want to host your own scripts. Get scripts for guestbook and forum from

However, the hosting marketplace is so saturated now that you can get excellent paid hosting for so little that anyone could afford it. I suggest go to for a hosting account, and for a domain. The whole lot will cost you no more than $34 per YEAR and you'll have a service that will anything you want.
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my host has a free hosting service that provides php at

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