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Hi there,

I'm quite technical, but my head is spinning looking for an answer to this issue, basically what I want to do is as follows:

Quite simply I work in a store and I'm the most computer literate, so my boss wants me to try and setup a wireless network that our customers can connect to with their phones and it takes them to a webpage with special offers on it.

I've been looking into it for the last couple of days but to be honest it's all a little overwhelming, so I'm wondering if anyone can explain it in more simple and straight-forward terms and this seems like a good place to start.

I've got a wireless modem-router and I've had a look on it and it seems that you can block all incoming connections and redirect them to a LAN server, which I think is what I'd need to do. Looking around on the internet, it seems most people are telling me I need to use apache, but that in itself is completely overwhelming too - and I've also had a fiddle with WAMP and have also been completely baffled.

So basically I'm thinking I need to put a website on a local computer, then somehow get my wireless router to redirect all incoming traffic to that webpage - so if anyone can help me, I'd be massively grateful.

Thank you in advance!!!
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From what I have just read, I think that could work and is exactly what you would need to do. So you would provide a router for customers to connect to wireless and you would redirect all connections to a local server there on the property (my guess). If you search google for WAMP you can find some pretty easy install kits to getting a full Windows based server setup where you will have Apache, MySQL and PHP or ASP working.

Once you have successfully set things up and can display a short "Hello World" message to your customers who try to connect, then your next step would be to create some HTML pages. It sounds like this could just be a simple page and if so you probably won't have to worry about PHP, ASP, or MySQL then.

So if it was me in your shoes and you plan to use a Windows based machine for their server, I would start there and trying to see if you can get the computer to display a short "Hello World" message for when people connect to the network. Then once you have that you can worry about designed that page they need to show the special offers and such.

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