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OK, so my XML data looks like this:

Code: [ Select ]
<xml id = "internalXMLData">

<Name>Jonnie Graham</Name>
<Phone type="home">(09) 3888 466</Phone>
<Phone type ="mobile"/>
<Phone type ="work"/>

<Name>Andre Sapeas</Name>
<Phone type="home"/>
<Phone type="mobile">(123) 456 3757</Phone>
<Phone type="work"/>

  1. <xml id = "internalXMLData">
  2. <Contacts>
  3. <Contact>
  4. <Name>Jonnie Graham</Name>
  5. <Phone type="home">(09) 3888 466</Phone>
  6. <Phone type ="mobile"/>
  7. <Phone type ="work"/>
  8. <email></email>
  9. <email>jonnie@*plum*.com</email>
  10. </Contact>
  11. <Contact>
  12. <Name>Andre Sapeas</Name>
  13. <Phone type="home"/>
  14. <Phone type="mobile">(123) 456 3757</Phone>
  15. <Phone type="work"/>
  16. <email></email>
  17. <email></email>
  18. </Contact>
  19. <Contacts>
  20. </xml>

...see how there is more than 1 "type" of phone number, and more than 1 possible email address?

to reference, say the Name, we would write: <span datafld="Name">, but how would we reference each "type" of phone number (or in other words how woud one reference each specifically/uniquely attributed phone number?), -for example??

Thanks heaps! dry.gif

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