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after trying to find my answer to this question on a couple of forums, search engines, help sites, and half of barnes and nobels dreamweaver and HTML books, I am posting my question here :)

I am trying to add a show/layer on mousover and hide/layer on mouseout behaviour with dreamweaver. That works nice and easy!

However I have massive problems with the positioning of my layers. I need to stack them on top of each other, which wasnt a problem but the absolut position doesnt work for me, because my layer will be positioned somewhere else each time somebody resize the browser, uses a different screen or resolution. (at least thats the problem I had when testing on my computer)

Is there a way to create realtive position for layers? I tried to just change the source code to position=relative but that didnt work, because I couldnt stack these "relative" layers on top of each other... And also when I changed the source to relative Dreamweaver didnt show me the layers in the layer panel anymore.. (that wouldnt have been a problem, but like i said i need to stack them, and that wasnt possible)

What solution is there for this problem???

Here is essentially what I want to do. on the web-site i want the name of each person to appear in the table below the thumbnails when I mouse-over each thumbnail picture.

The show/hide behaviour works great like I said, but I need to solve the issue with the layers. My guess is, if there is no solution for that I might try a swap-image rollover thing and try it that way.

Thanks for any input! Hopefully I can figure it out soon, since this is the last thing I want to add to the web-site


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hi again ..

I was also able to easily solve my problem with the snap layer extension from ..

that worked fine .. you can see at

strange that i didnt find that sooner .. oh well !


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