rollovers work offline, but not after upload...

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Hello, I could really use some help... I cant figure this out. I used to use Adobe Photoshp and Imageready to make my rollovers, but have recently upgraded to CS$ and am now learning fireworks a bit.

That said, I have created a menu area with some rollovers. When I use in pages locally on my system, they all work fine. After I upload the site, the rollowvers dont work. The link parts still works, but nothing happens on rollover.

I have included 2 links for your review:

triniticues - dot - com/artheader.html

This first link is a direct link to the html file that Fireworks created... basically, just the rollover area.

And here is a link to how that section looks actually implemented into my site:

triniticues - dot - com/ilprimo.html

(NOTE: I just had to edit my post, it won't let me post direct links - I hope this works)
(NOTE AGAIN: I had to re-edit to the above links... I'm sure you can figure out my code:)

Of course, these are all live so you cant see the rollover effect, but basically all that is supposed to happen is that the names of the items (illuminati, purple joker, il primo, blackheart, absinthium) is supposed to turn bright yellow when the mouse moves over that particular item....

I have no idea what is causing this to happen, any help will be greatly appreciated!!



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