OK Several Q's, What is Optimum size of a splash page?

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I do my own graphics and am having a lousey time finding someone to do my site (*I make and sell Graphics and 3D content). I found a website that had a great design for a splash page into the store, but the girl (*which is actually asking for money) sent the mock up and altho I did not think it possible, made it come out just horrible! So before I give her the boot. What is an optimal size for a splash page? Mine is in two sizes, 920x760 and 1000x800, both have enough room to be cropped if needed. Apparently she does not know how to do thiis and wants to put my splash on a black background(?)! She also made it scrolling, which made no sense either.

Now i have caled her 5 times on my dime (*she is in Great Britain, I am USA), and I thought that we understood each other since we had a sample site to look at, and also had thoroughly discussed the needs I had and what I ultimately wanted to have the sit look like. Her sample was UGH! not even close! Not one bit of blending, or centering the text, or the logo... bad pixelating of the lettering, and all in all a mess!

So I am considering using a WYSIWYG program and trying to make it work.

So what is a proper splash page size? Is BluVoda or NVU a good beginner "free" program? And does anyone have any advice?

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When you say "splash page" are you talking about an html page with content with normal content that isn't a store or are you talking about something like a big image. Don't take this the wrong way but if its the latter I would recommend not using a splash page at all for several reasons.

Typically a largely graphic splash page is actually a detriment to your sales ability. Large images don't give search engines anything to pick up on so you won't get decent keyword ranking. Second a large image can still take time to download (even on a fast connection) it may take longer to download than the few seconds a person is willing to wait to view a website. Finally graphical splash pages annoy typical users because it doesn't provide enough useful information about the site and in the end drives users away.
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graphixboy wrote:
When you say "splash page" are you talking about an html page with content with normal content that isn't a store or are you talking about something like a big image.

Hi and ThanX for the prompt response...forgive the bad typos earier! :/

Yes! I want a splash page the is HTML, and not part of the storefront, but links into it.

OK, because I do graphics, and rely heavily on Business card traffic (*because I push my card on everyone and do several conventions where I get at least 50% of my business)people I market to. I understand that splash is a bit of a deterent, but I also have been told that a number of meta-tags can be added to a splash page. My main key points are Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Gothic, Surrealism. Those are main key words and then on the store there of course are a multitude of chioces to sub-catagorize them main key words. So splash page is to me, an important tool to project my art. Tiny bit different from other sites.

But I am a tiny bit flexible as well!!!

The store is mainly a basic php template, but the design is different from the 3 column styles. As refence look at this site, it is extremely close to what my overall expectaions are:

Her splash and store are how I want mine to be, lovely splash and clean neat store. I did all of the images, backgrounds and also text. Still it was a horrendous butchering of what the splash should have looked like.

Constructing a splash would the best dimension for a full bleed page be what? 900 x 800, on a 1024 x 768 screen (*standard now?)
Have you or do you ever reccomend a WYSIWYG for doing a base? I made the mistake of having a friend say she could do this, and for a rather fair cost. But as I said her first submission told me she isn't able to do it, and I best do it myself or find someone to talk to about doing it, at a reasonable cost. I spent so many years learning 3D I neglected learning HTML. (*as in I know nothing!) :P

Any help here? On dimensions and BluVoda or NVU?


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