Spins arounds on products?

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I have a website selling product, the client wants to have interactive spin arounds on the products, you know where the user clicks and drags to see other sides of the product. I have done this before with photography shooting at increments and stitching together in flash but they are looking to have it interactive in both the vertical and horizontal axis (essentially the product would float in space and allow the user to float all around it).

Any one know how this is done?

Like the below link:
http://www.samsungmobile.co.uk/mobile-p ... ssico-3dvr

Any help appreciated
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kfc06 wrote:
Any one know how this is done?

Math and/or some other cleverness. It is flash. It rotates around the Y axis when you move the mouse horizontally and around the Z axis when you move vertically.

I haven't gone very far with actionscript: does it support 3D objects? You could do this with a normal sprite but it would be complicated. All you need is the Y axis stuff (spinning the phone front to back) then you could rotate the whole sprite to get the X axis.
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Its built in flash. Likely using a 3d model that's been rendered out to an image sequence (same as one axis just lots more photos). Flash does support 3d via AS3 and some external libraries like Papervision3D but that example looks too clean to be a flash sprite.

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