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when I use this on an shtml page:
<!--#include virtual="footer.html" -->

and if the footer.shtml page as well as the webpage that I have the above code in calling up that footer, all works well

but..........I have some webpages in this directory for examnple:

/beachrentals/bayterrace/index.shtml (a lower directory from the root)

now if I put the '<!--#include virtual="footer.html" -->'
code on that page (/beachrentals/bayterrace/index.shtml)

i get an error

I tried changing the include code to use a real path, but that did not work
my real path to the footer is:/var/www/vhosts/

I hope all this make sense but I do not know how to fix it

If my footer was in a LOWER directory than the page calling it up,
then no problem, but its the other way around here

any help?

you can email me at

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