I'm stuck trying to create a specific page layout

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I'm kinda stuck trying to get this idea on HTML for my web site:


This is the thing: I want the content to appear in the main rectangle, and have it resize automatically to the content. I have been able to do this with an inframe and using a specific script. Next to the content there are cells with an image that should go on the top of each cell and a background tiled image that continues the pattern. At least on my computer, the current code works in IE7, but in FF3 the image inside the side cells ends up showing in the middle instead of the top.

I have also read that using inframe isn't really a good idea for the main content section of the page, for a variety of reasons including that it's not search engine friendly, so I'm trying to figure out an alternative..

I'm stuck here. If I make an entire frame beneath the navigation bar and just add the content there then the scroll bar would only show up for that frame, that is, beneath the navigation bar. I want the whole page to have the scroll bar, I don't want the header and navigation bar to stay in place while the rest of the content is scrolled as the background in the sides would break.

My questions would be: what should I do to make it so I have the content in a frame, having it expand so the content would fit, without screwing up the side bars and making the whole page scrollable to read the content?

I really don't want to make an instance of the whole page tailored to each section's content.

I hope I'm being clear, and would really appreciate any advice! I'm new to most of this stuff, and I got a big headache trying to figure this one out!

Thanks in advance!
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what happens when you fix the validation errors?
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Have you tried height="auto"

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