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I have a bit of a problem, I want to style some spans to go black on hover, but not there hover
bascley I have this
Code: [ Select ]
<a href="#"><span class="stylethis">some text here to style on A hover</span></a>

the a link is a large block.
If you want to see what I mean I have done what I can on the site live here
I want the text to go black on the nav links down the side.
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Post 3+ Months Ago

Although a lot of modern browsers support :hover for elements other than the <a> element, you'll still want to track the hover of the <a> element because it's more reliable.

If your classnames are unique to these elements, you can target those spans with this.

CSS Code: [ Select ]
a:hover span.main, a:hover span.speak {color:black;}

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