textfields appear yellow on other pcs but mine

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can anyone shed any light on this? i designed a form thats on a black background. when viewing the form i can see that since the background ins black and the fields are black, the text i have made white. now when a collegue o f mine tests the form he told me that he can see the text he is entering because the field is yellow. white on yellow doesnt show up at all. comes over to mine and sees that everything is black. this happens on a few ppls pc when they test my form. they use firefox like myself and yet they have this yellow background while i dont. can anyone explain why this is? how do i counteract this so it doesnt happen again?
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It's likely an auto-complete function from somthing like Google toolbar.

Try renaming those fields to something unique that wouldn't be recognized by the function.
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What about a link in an easy to see place on the form that reads "I can't see what I type !", which clicking will have Javascript toggle the inputs background/text colors ?

I've grown to appreciate my browsers autocomplete functionaility, I would be disappointed if instead of clicking a button I had to manually enter a bunch of information I already have saved. :D

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