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There are many good and bad things you can do in web design; the following is a list of some of those options and how you should deal with them

Let's start with Do's

> keep the structure of your web pages consistent throughout your website.
> use standard styles for your navigation.
> make you web pages viewable at 800 x 600 resolution.
> keep your web pages under 60k in size.
> create a site map page.

and now Dont's

> Don't use background music on your web pages!
> Don't use Internet Explorer's scrolling ‘marquee' tag.
> Don't create automatic pop-up windows!
> Don't automatically resize a visitor's browser window.
> Don't center everything on your web pages.

this are some do's & don't for web design. i hope it will help you to create great web site. in case if you want any help regarding in this feel free to reply me.


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Post 3+ Months Ago

Typically this sort of thing is more helpful when you provide examples. However, in this case I should point out that a bit of your list is slightly dated.

800x600 and 60kb hasn't been true for a few years. A better suggestion would be to use a fluid size so it works for everything from HDTV's to mobile browsers while designing for the speed requirements of your specific audience and content.

As for the marquee tag...People still use that? Do you have examples other than MySpace?

I always find this type of post a bit humorous since your telling people what to do/avoid. Done presumably so they will view you as an expert and hire you to do a web project, but if someone is going to hire you for your expertise then you would never present an option that breaks the rules of best practice. On top of that, most people who would hire you, don't have any clue what half of those things mean.

Following this to its logical conclusion, I submit that you are spending lots of time to create worthless spam type content that will likely not provide you any new business. Not exactly the model of efficiency I would follow.
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Post 3+ Months Ago

hmm! i am with center alignment. but floating is a nice way also.
in floating the banner is a problem sometimes. but if u use ur head for good banner. it;s no problem then.
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Post 3+ Months Ago

depending on what your doing it is not called for a center align but really it looks clean most times. i am for the center alignment.

As i have been building a new web site every week and just pumping them out to get better at making them and i have redesigned my design for building 10 times.

- Round off corners
- KISS still works Keep it Simple Stupid
- Use thin tables for layout
- CSS is absolutely Gold for web development

- Never upload a unfinished web site, use a construction page
- don't use web site building software, Adobe Dreamweaver, Photoshop and Flash is all you need to build crisp web sites
- don't use free hosting i can not stress that enough
- if a page get's long split it into a few pages

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