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I was wondering if someone out ther could take a look at my site and tell me why I can't keep repeat visitors. Also, do pop-under ads work? Personally I can't stand when I get one, but I am considering it as part of my advertising.

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Well to me anyway, the site seems a bit boring to my eyes. You need something to spice it up maybe. Photos next to your latest headlines might help some, and get people interested in reading it. If I goto right now I get interested because I see lots of pictures that grab my attention. Usually their biggest headline for the day will get some kind of attention grabber. On your site I see no such thing to grab my attention. All I see is a bunch of text and unless something grabs my attention I probably wouldn't read anything on your site and just move on. Thats me anyway.

Also you might make the top 1 to 2 stories of the day have bigger titles and bold text as it will draw in the readers and make them go "Woah, this looks important. Maybe I should read it." From what I see your entire site is pretty much the same sized text, even for the article titles.

Finally I just wanted to say that you might not be getting repeat visitors because you rely on other sources for your news. For example and Why would I bookmark your site when I could just bookmark their site and get to the news faster?

I hope you do not take anything I am saying in a negative perspective. I am just trying to help you out and maybe give you some ideas why people might not be coming back, bookmarking your site, or setting it as their start page.

Also I agree, you should stay away from popup ads. They will only scare people away. Unless you have some really great content that other sites do not have, then I would stay popup free.

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