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Subboon is a service that people create their own news sources,which are called dynasties, for anything they would like to newscast about: Their websites, family, business, school, favorite sports, musician or anything else... and of course, people may join each others' and receive latest news fast and directly to their own desktops!

The news titles scroll as subtitles on the dynasty members' screens.

It has overcome main disadvantages of the methods web managers have had been using to catch up their members.

Quick Outline

Subboon simply works like this:

You send your message to your members. The title of the message scrolls as a subtitle on your members's desktop, even though they are on another site, or using a software, or just doing nothing at that moment. When they click on the subtitle, they are directed to the url you had stated while sending the message. They may join other news sources than yours, so they won't need to install subboon software for each source they join.

Short Movie Tutorial

Beginning subboon

To have your own news alert system, firstly, join subboon with ease:


Subboon doesn't ask for any personal information about you. A valid email and a password is enough for membership.


Click "Create A Dynasty" item on the left side menu. (Dynasty is the name of the news sources on subboon. You're creating your own news source now.)


Give a name to your dynasty and click "Create" button. (Now you have your own Subboon dynasty. Pure and simple. Before sending news, invite your members to your dynasty. )


Click "Manage My" item on the left side menu. In this page, you may see your members list, upload a logo and set a definition for your dynasty, and change authorities of your members.


Click the "Click here for your Webmaster Kit" link-button. You'll see a webmaster kit with tools of which you can place the HTML codes to your web site for sending news to your dynasty from your own web site and invite people to your dynasty. Since they are HTML codes, you may customize them for your own style.

Testing your dynasty

Download subboon software, install it and login. (Attention: Subboon is currently a windows-only system.)


Send a test message to your dynasty. You can do this in various ways:
  1. Sending news via subboon com:
    1. Click the "My Subboon" item on the left side menu.
    2. Click the "Send News" button.
  2. Sending news via subboon software:
    1. Right click the subboon icon on the system tray.
    2. Click the "Send news" button
  3. Sending news via your own site:
    1. Place the "Send news" HTML code, you saw on the Webmaster Kit page, to your own site.
    2. Type a title for your message and a url to which the users will be directed when they click on your message. Click "Send" button.

Subboon doesn't want to occupy members' desktops frequently. For this reason, the subtitles scroll as subtitles on users' desktop periodically. If user want to see the subtitles immediately, (s)he can double-click the system tray icon of subboon. If they don't double-click, the subtitles scroll as subtitles when subboon deems it suitable to be. This takes 10 minutes at most. That means your message will scroll as subtitle in 10 minutes, if you don't double-click.
  1. Double-click the subboon icon on the system tray. You'll see your message scrolling as a subtitle on your desktop.
  2. Your message will scroll as subtitle again and again, as long as subboon system finds it acceptable and reasonable.

Significant Points

Your each dynasty has a unique id (DFID). If you set the subboon setup file's name with your DFID, your members will be asked for joinning your dynasty at their first login to subboon. This is a very useful feature. For example:

The setup file name must be like:


(Type your own DFID instead of 12. The file name must start with “subboon_setup~” prefix.)

You can see your dynasty's DFID, in the url of its own homepage.

Pure and simple!
Your members must download, install and subboon just for once. If they want to receive news from other news sources either, the only thing they'll need to do is joinning those with just one click. They won't need to install subboon once again for each dynasty they join.

No desktop ads!
Subboon doesn't use advertisement on desktop subtitles and disturb members. Members just get the messages from the dynasties they have had joint, but anything else. This prevents spams.

No repeating messages!
Besides, subboon software recognizes similar or repeated messages and prevents them exist at the same scroll. This prevents dirty scrolling, repeating messages and information overload.

News, notices and announcements!
Don't forget subboon is just for news, notices and announcements. Other mesages may cause your dynasty to be closed.

If you double-click on the subboon logo at the right-hand side, while subtitles scroll, the bar shelters itself. You may also change the position of the scroll bar, by dragging that logo.


Live subtitles, which we are very used to see on TV screens, are brought to PC desktops by subboon. The difference is, people get the ones just they are interested in and want to.

Subboon is being used by more people everyday. If you want to catch up your members with easiness and effectiveness, and if you want your news, notices and announcements bring your members to your site, not another's; you should hunt the trend and use subboon:


Here is see a comparison table:

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