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Post 3+ Months Ago

Can anyone find a working copy of

<a href="">MS TRENCHES</a>

I have found a few and downloaded them, when I uploaded them to my phpbb templates folder it couldnt recgonize it and I was getting some type of error. Does anyone have a working copy or can find one that they have tested.


Second Question:
I have tried a few times to do java script rollovers (are they the best type)

Can someone help me w/ the coding part...(What should it exactly look like w/ all of the JS codes. The images I would like to change when rollenover are (ea_10.jpg , ea_13.jpg , ea_14.jpg , ea_15.jpg , ea_16.jpg , and ea_17.jpg)

Code: [ Select ]
<META HTTP-EQUIV="Content-Type" CONTENT="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1">
<!-- ImageReady Slices (ea.psd) -->
        <TD COLSPAN=8>
            <IMG SRC="images/ea_01.jpg" WIDTH=770 HEIGHT=124 ALT=""></TD>
            <IMG SRC="images/spacer.gif" WIDTH=1 HEIGHT=124 ALT=""></TD>
        <TD ROWSPAN=9>
            <IMG SRC="images/ea_02.jpg" WIDTH=12 HEIGHT=246 ALT=""></TD>
        <TD COLSPAN=3>
            <IMG SRC="images/ea_03.jpg" WIDTH=156 HEIGHT=25 ALT=""></TD>
        <TD COLSPAN=2 ROWSPAN=2>
            <IMG SRC="images/ea_04.jpg" WIDTH=361 HEIGHT=61 ALT=""></TD>
            <IMG SRC="images/ea_05.jpg" WIDTH=210 HEIGHT=25 ALT=""></TD>
        <TD ROWSPAN=12>
            <IMG SRC="images/ea_06.jpg" WIDTH=31 HEIGHT=376 ALT=""></TD>
            <IMG SRC="images/spacer.gif" WIDTH=1 HEIGHT=25 ALT=""></TD>
        <TD COLSPAN=3>
            <IMG SRC="images/ea_07.jpg" WIDTH=156 HEIGHT=36 ALT=""></TD>
            <IMG SRC="images/ea_08.jpg" WIDTH=210 HEIGHT=36 ALT=""></TD>
            <IMG SRC="images/spacer.gif" WIDTH=1 HEIGHT=36 ALT=""></TD>
        <TD ROWSPAN=7>
            <IMG SRC="images/ea_09.jpg" WIDTH=8 HEIGHT=185 ALT=""></TD>
            <IMG SRC="images/ea_10.jpg" WIDTH=72 HEIGHT=24 ALT=""></TD>
        <TD COLSPAN=2 ROWSPAN=10>
            <IMG SRC="images/ea_11.jpg" WIDTH=191 HEIGHT=315 ALT=""></TD>
        <TD COLSPAN=2 ROWSPAN=8>
            <IMG SRC="images/ea_12.jpg" WIDTH=456 HEIGHT=286 ALT=""></TD>
            <IMG SRC="images/spacer.gif" WIDTH=1 HEIGHT=24 ALT=""></TD>
            <IMG SRC="images/ea_13.jpg" WIDTH=72 HEIGHT=30 ALT=""></TD>
            <IMG SRC="images/spacer.gif" WIDTH=1 HEIGHT=30 ALT=""></TD>
            <IMG SRC="images/ea_14.jpg" WIDTH=72 HEIGHT=31 ALT=""></TD>
            <IMG SRC="images/spacer.gif" WIDTH=1 HEIGHT=31 ALT=""></TD>
            <IMG SRC="images/ea_15.jpg" WIDTH=72 HEIGHT=25 ALT=""></TD>
            <IMG SRC="images/spacer.gif" WIDTH=1 HEIGHT=25 ALT=""></TD>
            <IMG SRC="images/ea_16.jpg" WIDTH=72 HEIGHT=27 ALT=""></TD>
            <IMG SRC="images/spacer.gif" WIDTH=1 HEIGHT=27 ALT=""></TD>
            <IMG SRC="images/ea_17.jpg" WIDTH=72 HEIGHT=27 ALT=""></TD>
            <IMG SRC="images/spacer.gif" WIDTH=1 HEIGHT=27 ALT=""></TD>
            <IMG SRC="images/ea_18.jpg" WIDTH=72 HEIGHT=21 ALT=""></TD>
            <IMG SRC="images/spacer.gif" WIDTH=1 HEIGHT=21 ALT=""></TD>
        <TD COLSPAN=3 ROWSPAN=2>
            <IMG SRC="images/ea_19.jpg" WIDTH=92 HEIGHT=115 ALT=""></TD>
            <IMG SRC="images/spacer.gif" WIDTH=1 HEIGHT=101 ALT=""></TD>
        <TD COLSPAN=2 ROWSPAN=2>
            <IMG SRC="images/ea_20.jpg" WIDTH=456 HEIGHT=29 ALT=""></TD>
            <IMG SRC="images/spacer.gif" WIDTH=1 HEIGHT=14 ALT=""></TD>
        <TD COLSPAN=3>
            <IMG SRC="images/ea_21.jpg" WIDTH=92 HEIGHT=15 ALT=""></TD>
            <IMG SRC="images/spacer.gif" WIDTH=1 HEIGHT=15 ALT=""></TD>
            <IMG SRC="images/spacer.gif" WIDTH=12 HEIGHT=1 ALT=""></TD>
            <IMG SRC="images/spacer.gif" WIDTH=8 HEIGHT=1 ALT=""></TD>
            <IMG SRC="images/spacer.gif" WIDTH=72 HEIGHT=1 ALT=""></TD>
            <IMG SRC="images/spacer.gif" WIDTH=76 HEIGHT=1 ALT=""></TD>
            <IMG SRC="images/spacer.gif" WIDTH=115 HEIGHT=1 ALT=""></TD>
            <IMG SRC="images/spacer.gif" WIDTH=246 HEIGHT=1 ALT=""></TD>
            <IMG SRC="images/spacer.gif" WIDTH=210 HEIGHT=1 ALT=""></TD>
            <IMG SRC="images/spacer.gif" WIDTH=31 HEIGHT=1 ALT=""></TD>
<!-- End ImageReady Slices -->
  1. <HTML>
  2. <HEAD>
  3. <TITLE>ea</TITLE>
  4. <META HTTP-EQUIV="Content-Type" CONTENT="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1">
  5. </HEAD>
  7. <!-- ImageReady Slices (ea.psd) -->
  9.     <TR>
  10.         <TD COLSPAN=8>
  11.             <IMG SRC="images/ea_01.jpg" WIDTH=770 HEIGHT=124 ALT=""></TD>
  12.         <TD>
  13.             <IMG SRC="images/spacer.gif" WIDTH=1 HEIGHT=124 ALT=""></TD>
  14.     </TR>
  15.     <TR>
  16.         <TD ROWSPAN=9>
  17.             <IMG SRC="images/ea_02.jpg" WIDTH=12 HEIGHT=246 ALT=""></TD>
  18.         <TD COLSPAN=3>
  19.             <IMG SRC="images/ea_03.jpg" WIDTH=156 HEIGHT=25 ALT=""></TD>
  20.         <TD COLSPAN=2 ROWSPAN=2>
  21.             <IMG SRC="images/ea_04.jpg" WIDTH=361 HEIGHT=61 ALT=""></TD>
  22.         <TD>
  23.             <IMG SRC="images/ea_05.jpg" WIDTH=210 HEIGHT=25 ALT=""></TD>
  24.         <TD ROWSPAN=12>
  25.             <IMG SRC="images/ea_06.jpg" WIDTH=31 HEIGHT=376 ALT=""></TD>
  26.         <TD>
  27.             <IMG SRC="images/spacer.gif" WIDTH=1 HEIGHT=25 ALT=""></TD>
  28.     </TR>
  29.     <TR>
  30.         <TD COLSPAN=3>
  31.             <IMG SRC="images/ea_07.jpg" WIDTH=156 HEIGHT=36 ALT=""></TD>
  32.         <TD>
  33.             <IMG SRC="images/ea_08.jpg" WIDTH=210 HEIGHT=36 ALT=""></TD>
  34.         <TD>
  35.             <IMG SRC="images/spacer.gif" WIDTH=1 HEIGHT=36 ALT=""></TD>
  36.     </TR>
  37.     <TR>
  38.         <TD ROWSPAN=7>
  39.             <IMG SRC="images/ea_09.jpg" WIDTH=8 HEIGHT=185 ALT=""></TD>
  40.         <TD>
  41.             <IMG SRC="images/ea_10.jpg" WIDTH=72 HEIGHT=24 ALT=""></TD>
  42.         <TD COLSPAN=2 ROWSPAN=10>
  43.             <IMG SRC="images/ea_11.jpg" WIDTH=191 HEIGHT=315 ALT=""></TD>
  44.         <TD COLSPAN=2 ROWSPAN=8>
  45.             <IMG SRC="images/ea_12.jpg" WIDTH=456 HEIGHT=286 ALT=""></TD>
  46.         <TD>
  47.             <IMG SRC="images/spacer.gif" WIDTH=1 HEIGHT=24 ALT=""></TD>
  48.     </TR>
  49.     <TR>
  50.         <TD>
  51.             <IMG SRC="images/ea_13.jpg" WIDTH=72 HEIGHT=30 ALT=""></TD>
  52.         <TD>
  53.             <IMG SRC="images/spacer.gif" WIDTH=1 HEIGHT=30 ALT=""></TD>
  54.     </TR>
  55.     <TR>
  56.         <TD>
  57.             <IMG SRC="images/ea_14.jpg" WIDTH=72 HEIGHT=31 ALT=""></TD>
  58.         <TD>
  59.             <IMG SRC="images/spacer.gif" WIDTH=1 HEIGHT=31 ALT=""></TD>
  60.     </TR>
  61.     <TR>
  62.         <TD>
  63.             <IMG SRC="images/ea_15.jpg" WIDTH=72 HEIGHT=25 ALT=""></TD>
  64.         <TD>
  65.             <IMG SRC="images/spacer.gif" WIDTH=1 HEIGHT=25 ALT=""></TD>
  66.     </TR>
  67.     <TR>
  68.         <TD>
  69.             <IMG SRC="images/ea_16.jpg" WIDTH=72 HEIGHT=27 ALT=""></TD>
  70.         <TD>
  71.             <IMG SRC="images/spacer.gif" WIDTH=1 HEIGHT=27 ALT=""></TD>
  72.     </TR>
  73.     <TR>
  74.         <TD>
  75.             <IMG SRC="images/ea_17.jpg" WIDTH=72 HEIGHT=27 ALT=""></TD>
  76.         <TD>
  77.             <IMG SRC="images/spacer.gif" WIDTH=1 HEIGHT=27 ALT=""></TD>
  78.     </TR>
  79.     <TR>
  80.         <TD>
  81.             <IMG SRC="images/ea_18.jpg" WIDTH=72 HEIGHT=21 ALT=""></TD>
  82.         <TD>
  83.             <IMG SRC="images/spacer.gif" WIDTH=1 HEIGHT=21 ALT=""></TD>
  84.     </TR>
  85.     <TR>
  86.         <TD COLSPAN=3 ROWSPAN=2>
  87.             <IMG SRC="images/ea_19.jpg" WIDTH=92 HEIGHT=115 ALT=""></TD>
  88.         <TD>
  89.             <IMG SRC="images/spacer.gif" WIDTH=1 HEIGHT=101 ALT=""></TD>
  90.     </TR>
  91.     <TR>
  92.         <TD COLSPAN=2 ROWSPAN=2>
  93.             <IMG SRC="images/ea_20.jpg" WIDTH=456 HEIGHT=29 ALT=""></TD>
  94.         <TD>
  95.             <IMG SRC="images/spacer.gif" WIDTH=1 HEIGHT=14 ALT=""></TD>
  96.     </TR>
  97.     <TR>
  98.         <TD COLSPAN=3>
  99.             <IMG SRC="images/ea_21.jpg" WIDTH=92 HEIGHT=15 ALT=""></TD>
  100.         <TD>
  101.             <IMG SRC="images/spacer.gif" WIDTH=1 HEIGHT=15 ALT=""></TD>
  102.     </TR>
  103.     <TR>
  104.         <TD>
  105.             <IMG SRC="images/spacer.gif" WIDTH=12 HEIGHT=1 ALT=""></TD>
  106.         <TD>
  107.             <IMG SRC="images/spacer.gif" WIDTH=8 HEIGHT=1 ALT=""></TD>
  108.         <TD>
  109.             <IMG SRC="images/spacer.gif" WIDTH=72 HEIGHT=1 ALT=""></TD>
  110.         <TD>
  111.             <IMG SRC="images/spacer.gif" WIDTH=76 HEIGHT=1 ALT=""></TD>
  112.         <TD>
  113.             <IMG SRC="images/spacer.gif" WIDTH=115 HEIGHT=1 ALT=""></TD>
  114.         <TD>
  115.             <IMG SRC="images/spacer.gif" WIDTH=246 HEIGHT=1 ALT=""></TD>
  116.         <TD>
  117.             <IMG SRC="images/spacer.gif" WIDTH=210 HEIGHT=1 ALT=""></TD>
  118.         <TD>
  119.             <IMG SRC="images/spacer.gif" WIDTH=31 HEIGHT=1 ALT=""></TD>
  120.         <TD></TD>
  121.     </TR>
  122. </TABLE>
  123. <!-- End ImageReady Slices -->
  124. </BODY>
  125. </HTML>

Thanks in advance
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Post 3+ Months Ago

Please, I need help w/ this
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Post 3+ Months Ago

Excellent tutorial, used it myself before. Know where I found it? Google! *emphatic nod*

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