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I have been looking at using the @font-face in my website and I have font a nice font I like, now I found the font on my computer, I have no idea where it came from though, anyway I typed it into google (blippo light sf) and have downloaded the .ttf file onto my web server I got it from a website that said nothing about copyrights but it seams to me that if I have the file on my computer (and I am not a big one for downloading fonts of the web so I am sure it came with a program I installed) that I should be able to use it with no problems but I want to know where I stand.
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Most fonts are copyrighted and probably come with some restrictions. In other words you can't just glibly take a font and place it on another machine or share it with someone else unless you bought rights to that font (which you typically do when you purchase fonts), or if the EULA for a particular font gives you permission to.

A good example is how Microsoft provides information on what you can or can't do with their fonts in this link: ... onFAQ.mspx

To tell if a font is copyrighted and who owns the copyright, go to your Fonts folder which is typically found in C:\Windows (although fonts can be found elsewhere on your computer if they are owned by a third party vendor such as Adobe) If you double click any font it will open to display a preview of the font. At the top left of the preview under the font name will be any copyright info.

Blippo light sf appears to not have a copyright. It can be downloaded from: I downloaded the font and viewed it and did not see a copyright. However, This post seems to suggest there was a copyright holder on it years ago. There is really very little information available regarding that font. I would say off the cuff since the font doesn't include a copyright, and it is a free download anyway, you are probably safe to use it on your server.

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