various display settings moving text around: solutions?

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On a page that I am building for a website I'm working on, there is a 4 panel silk-screen image in the photo that is being used for the bg.

This page is a "links" page for the website and I'm using the 4 panels as containers to list the directory of links.

No matter what I tried before, (table with img as table bg, .. table with image cut up and pieced together in each individual td, etc) the text always shifted out of the panel's when viewed in different display resolutions.

I finally placed the bg image into cs5 flash pro and "embedded" them into the areas I want them and uploaded. Now, it doesn't matter if you're viewing the page in 800 or 1900, those suckers DON'T move! :)

On the other hand, while this is actually a great idea for a simple page like this one, I'm wondering if there is an alternative? Is there a way to tell a browser to scale a page and all of it's elements according to the browser's detected display settings?


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