Web designer needed, noobie questions

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Hey thanks.. I have a web site I want built. I already have domain name and it is hosted on lunar pages for 2 years..paid for already. My questions are
1) I need to hire someone to build site and then teach me how to manipulate it myself.
2) cost for this
3) is a contract needed
4) copyright in my name of course
5) if web site was a success at some stage I could compensate .
because I would be generous like that.
6) is a DBA needed for website business?
7) how do I hire a web designer and protect my site at same time,lol
I mean you have to give them the log in information right?
so then they see all your personal info ,like address, phone numbers...etc...
thanks in advance! :wink:
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1) That can be done.
2) Depends on what you want the site to be able to do.
3) If you want it, I would encourage it.
4) Useuly not a problem, well at least they wont put their name on the site, but you can't take credit for the designer or programming.
5) I'm sure the designer/programmer will be glad to hear that.
6) Depends on where you live.
7) You dont always have to give a designer/programmer your login information to your host/domain register. Sometimes they require it, but as long as you get a professional that has a name for his or herselve then you wont have to worry to much about it. Besides some of them might request that information anyways (personal info ,like address, phone numbers...etc...)
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Well, if you are willing to pay, Go to http://www.scriptlance.com there is tons of proffessionals willing to help you for a fee. its great.
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Man depends on what type of website you want to build. If you want a presentation websire that is easy, cause it only uses graphics and text, but if you want a portal or something more complex like DB than the programing comes in and that is alot of work there.
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1) Look for services online that let you do that... commercial ones are sometimes too expensive

2) Could reach a couple thousands, but it all depends on the weight of the programming

3) A contract is recommended but some work without one

4) Usually not a problem but make sure that you read terms of services and the privacy policy of companies that provide programming jobs for you

5) Compensation for a successful site would probably give you a better chance at getting a programmer who is actually willing to work for you/with you

6) Pardon my ignorance, but I'm not sure what DBA means

7) Most commercial or programmers with good reputations don't do any bad stuff...

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