Web designers - how much do u charge?

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Im in my final year at University and am going to be professionally designing web pages when I finish. What confuses me is how much to actually charge people for designing a website. So for all you web designers out there that are chrging for their services, I would like to know how you set your prices?

Do you charge by the page, how much extra for say, flash animations (are these charged by the second?), how much extra for any dynamic features, e-commerce features, etc. You see, I can design web pages and have done so for people in the past but have no idea of how much I should be charging people! I understand people will be charging different from company to company, but I havent been able to find any information on the range of pricing covered throughout the board.

BTW im from the UK so obviously if I can get more information about UK pricing it would be good. Your help is greatly appreciated.

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Its upto you depending how your rate your self. £10 - £50 a hour? There is no relative charge.

I have just charged £250 for what I thought was going to be a simple job but there are a few problems that do happen and some times you just have to learn from your mistakes.

If your building a content management server side you can charge £600 - £2000 for simple site with image up loaders etc... shopping cart then I would say starting at £2000 if its implemented well.

If you work for a proper company we charge £500 per hour. A major project I won was worth half a million pounds in the first year and £10,000 per month as long as we had 2 people manning the phones. But these are really specialist in a particular field.
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this question has been discussed many times. Please search
and find the existing thread and post your replies there. No
reason to duplicate topics if at all possible.


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