Webmaster Contracts??

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I don't know if this question has been asked on the forum or not, I have searched but couldn't find anything about it.

I have just got finish building a web site. When I first agreed to build it, I really said nothing other than I would build the site for this customer.
During the building of the site, the customer said the design that I made for her was perfect and she loved it, so I built the site around that basic format, then after I got the site roughly 90% complete, she wanted a design change which meant that the entire layout would have to be changed. Things like this went on the ENTIRE time of me building the site. Once I got the site built and posted online, she wanted me to show her how to "Run" the site. I showed her how to admin the gallery, banners, stories, and news items. I even made her a manual on how to admin the site. Now she is saying that I have not showed her how to run her site because I have not shown her how to do html. I refused to do this for her.
To make a long story short... are there any webmasters out that that use contracts or statements of work? If so, where can I obtain these forms without spending alot?
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Post 3+ Months Ago

I use a basic contract when I start the website, outlining what their price includes, along the way its natural for them to want to make some changes and additions, however when they suggest something I feel is out of the lines of the original agreement, I inform them of the extra costs. I charge extra for showing them how to maintain their own site. I am justified in doing this because its money I will lose in maintaining it for them... I would also charge them extra for a written manual too. That's your time and effort. You just need to be clear from the beginning what the website price includes and get them to sign if they are happy with that. As with any contract it can be broken, but for the most part, clients are happy to go along with paying for extra's.

good luck eh *smile*

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