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Hi, I have just been thinking with regards to making a website accessible,

is it best to make your websites first point of contact with the end user a fullly non JS one. Then once if JS was detected switch to JS version of the site.

Or is is better to use a JS version as default and then use the noscript tags to switch to a non JS version.

Thanks in advance for any info as i'm a little unsure which route to take.
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The best option here is what's called allowing your site to 'degrade gracefully.' Rather than having two versions of your site (JS and non-JS), develop your site so that it makes sense and can be fully accessed by users without JS. Then, layer your JS behaviors on top of that to create the richer end result you want.

You can even have your JS give a 'hasJS' (or similar) class to your body tag so that you can target CSS to folks with JS turned on (and thus have different presentation for different elements for JS and non-JS users).

Then, you've got both pages or sites or whatever built off the same architecture, without having to rewrite anything or redirect anyone. It's the same principle as having alt tags for images; you want the site to function (and function well) even as you turn off various features to which not all users will have access.

I hope that's helpful. If you need more specifics, go ahead and be more specific.

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