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How can I bring more global traffic to my website?
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provide content that people want.
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^^^^ most simple and true answer i have ever heard :D

whats your site about? what does it provide?

if you can provide some info. about your site for me i mite be able to suggest some ideas.

theres alot of ways u can promote a site, theres traditional ways, affiliating with other sites that provide similar content for example if your a stock photo website, affiliate your self with maybe a tutorial site, photoshop resource site, graphic designers site etc.

you could advertise throught other sites by buying advertising space on there website.

using magazine advertisements, small ad's in the paper etc.

leaflets in colleges, univeristy's and otehrs shops.... for example if you provide photography for desigenrs to use, then leave leaflets in photography shops, software shops, computer repair shops. art shops.

then you could use other ways to atract a younger audience like printing stikers and just stiking them to lamposts, walls, trains etc. for example if your website sells skating gear and skateboards.. you could go to or aorund a skate park or near spots for street skaters and put stikers on ramps, walls etc. if your aiming at making a comedy site with funny videos etc. maybe stick them in trains and in colleges.

you can simpley hang banenrs on road side or round-a-bouts.... also sticking posters up, billboreds....

theres many ways to improve your traffic, the mor epeople that know the more chnace they will go :D

also using search engine sites, or marketing sites where you can pay or for free get a link on there website and they do all the marketing for there site witch then in return will show them your link and description.
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Always add fresh content add at least one per day (just my standards).
Choose your keywords carefully and optimize them.
Well, everything depends on the nature of the site.

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