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Hey guys,
I work at a radio station in Taiwan, and there are several website changes that we've been told by our web services department would be "impossible" to change without a major website overhaul. We've been promised a major website overhaul, however, that would not until be next year. In the meantime, I believe several design issues are seriously damaging our website's user-experience.

This is the screenshot of our homepage:

-- The top of the website is dominated by a large rotating banner. We would like to reduce the size of the banner in order to accommodate a logo for the radio station. This, we've been told, is "impossible."

-- We stream our audio. The icons that link to the streams are currently so tiny people can't find them. We would like to make the buttons opening the streams bigger, and to put them in more places. This, we are told, is impossible.

-- We would like to link to the streams directly in our radio station's new blog (made with wordpress). Yep. Impossible.

-- We would like to put a prominent icon onto the website to link to our blog. Again, not possible until the rehaul.

I'm not trying to make the website look slicker or anything. Just make it a bit more user-friendly. When I suggest to the web department that these requests are not unreasonable since it will still be months until the major website rehaul, they said "well, do you know how to do it?"

They said that because of the underlying code, changing part of the website could break the whole thing. They also said the website has elements that automatically update (like the streams), and those can't be touched or moved or even duplicated or they won't work properly.

I don't know much about web design, so I'm asking you guys, the professionals. Without affecting other parts of the website, what temporary fixes are possible and what's impossible? Are there ways to work around the problems we have?

Thanks so much :wink:

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