What would be the best way to creat my navigation?

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I get a 404 now. Are you trying to get it to stretch the entire width of the screen, or just inside a certain area? is the image actually stretching or would it look the same tiled? If the same tiled then I would use a div with a background image:

Code: [ Select ]
/*set widths and heights, plus the position*/
  1. div.x{
  2. /*set widths and heights, plus the position*/
  3. background-image:url(/path/file.ext);
  4. background-repeat:repeat-x;
  5. }

reply quick I'm off to bed soon (gone 1 am lol) and I'm out all day tomorrow.
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yes, it should stretch the width of the screen. No it doesnt matter if its tiled, I just need it to go across the top of the screen. here is the page Im working on:


Im not sure it that div get placed in the stylesheet or on th webpage, ah well, Im sure I can figure it out :D

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