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This is a copy of the notice displayed when you start a new thread in Website Reviews for easy reference.

Rules for posting a website review

WARNING: If any of the rules below are broken a moderator may remove your post.

Terms & Conditions

Rule 1: Please review at least three other sites first and give some constructive criticism regarding their site. Posting replies such as "looks good" or "nice site" will not satisfy the requirement. You must give them something to work with whether its positve feedback or negative feedback.

Rule 2: The subject of your post should be in the following format:
Code: [ Select ]
SITE REVIEW: Title of Your Site
SITE REVIEW: Webmaster Forum (example)
  1. SITE REVIEW: Title of Your Site
  3. SITE REVIEW: Webmaster Forum (example)

Rule 3: Do not post sites containing pornography, warez or other illegal material and/or associations with such material. They will not be reviewed and will be deleted from the forums.

Rule 4: Please make only one unique request. If you need further feedback post on your original.

Rule 5: Do not expect moderators to always reply. Our goal is to have everyone help each other out.

Rule 6: If you request to have your website review thread removed in the future, we will deny your request if others have already posted reviews. If that is of concern to you please do not start a website review topic.

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