Please review my site, appreciate any suggestion.

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Please review, appreciate any suggestion.

Hi all,
I work at a on-line retail superstore,( and my work is to promote our website.

we had tried many ways to promote our website, such as submit URL at kinds of web directory and net bookmark, write press & article at many big sites, publish
products at supply and demand platform, purchase some Google AdWords and so on.
but the result didn't reach our target.

So any one have any suggestion about our site (such as product classification,the sequence of product, the layout of page, and other SEO suggestion)please feel free to tell me , i will vary appreciate about it .

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I have a few suggestions for your website:

-try to group the items and place them in boxes so it's easier to follow the logic of the website. Right now, your home page looks like a few dozen images splashed on the screen. That applies to the menus as well. The tiny edges of your buttons are hardly visible and it's a real pain to figure the navigation out.

-the search bar seems wrong to me. It is tiny and placed in an odd spot. If you would go to the traditional search box placed on one side, it would be easier to see, use and visitors will have an easier time at navigating as well.

-your logo is tiny. I had to look around for it before I found it

-you have the 'secure site' logos placed on your site, but no links on them?

-I don't like it that you have 2 navigation menus (top and left side). Instead, you could leave only one of them and have the extra links placed elsewhere.

That's about it. I know you worked very hard on the site, but I'm sorry to say it looks a bit unprofessional right now. That is because it has a lot of stuff placed in a seemingly random manner on your home page. You should filter it out a bit. I think your customers will appreciate it :)

Good luck with it!

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