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what you mean aboute this site?

Thank you

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this site is not on english thare is no content and how i can review it.But how i aderstood this site is for web masters and internet marketing if so you mast make menu and not post on main page all articles and if post post with discription.This is how i think i can not tell anything more.Good luck
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I say this to everybody it applies to: I hate having to scroll and scroll and scroll just to get to the bottom of the page. It seemed like it was never ending.

But the nice part was this: On the right side of the page in your menu, I like the textual links on top of the transparent images, on top of the water-mark style background image. I had a nice visual appeal.
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very nice logo... but your really thin on content... that's not going to do your any favors in the long run... especially where the bug G is concerned
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You have got a full count of one error in your coding ... avery simple one ... Click here to see it now ...

Out of all your sites, this one is my least favorite ... Something about it doesn't appeal to me ... I think it's the amount of white on the page ... because of that treeview being there, the white seems very "incomplete" ... On the other pages it doesn't bother me, just on the first one ...

I would like it if you disabled the link of the page that a user is on, for example, if a user is on the "Úvodní strana" page, then disable the "Úvodní strana" link, so that users don't redirect to the page that they are on ...

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