SITE REVIEW: aQuatell Website Relaunch

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Post 3+ Months Ago

This is the third version of my website. Looking for constructive feedback:

Thank you,

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Post 3+ Months Ago

Site design is excellent and attractive but you should place more information on main page
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Post 3+ Months Ago

It's done very well.

One thing I'd suggest is that you have some kind of change to the text and images which are links, when you hover your mouse over them. It doesn't have to be something huge either. Maybe a change of color.
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Post 3+ Months Ago

For the most part I really like the changes. Its been kind of fun to watch this site change over the last few revisions. I noticed that the site defaulted to the US version. Are you doing some IP sniffing to detect that or is US the default? If US is simply the default I'd probably change it to Canada since your a Canadian business entity.

Ok here are some thoughts. Starting at the top, the orange with the black tabs over the top and the huge logo on the right is a bit jarring. The black tabs feel like an afterthought. I think I would recommend doing something similar to the Orange stripe in the footer instead. Use the dotted lines and nice text to create the nav instead of trying to call out different shapes. Also the large logo on the right is really distracting. It was the first thing I saw on the page and its detracting from your message. I would either remove that logo copy or change it to one color and blend it much like the water drops so that it actually becomes texture instead of some huge element that users have to "figure out"

Second, I would dump the UPS, BBB, WQ logos from the top of your right column. These are just wasting space and they're visually distracting from your product. Logos like that should only be used to put the nervous buyer (very low percentage of users) at ease so their placement in the footer is perfect. However in the top right they only serve to create a visual distraction.

Body copy site wide needs some attention. I find it difficult to read and I think its because it seems very heavy. I dropped it to 13px and added a line height of 19px and that made it quite a bit better. I might also consider using a Serif font for the body copy. The serifs help with legibility in rows of text and it would provide some visual interest/differentiation from the navigational text.

Finally I wholeheartedly agree with Gosan, You HAVE TO ADD hover states for all the click-able objects. A its bad usability to not have them and it also makes your site look very static like a print ad. Web users are on your site because they don't want or need a brochure so you need to make the site feel interactive. You have lots of different options here. Everything from slight background color changes to fully reversing text/bg colors to javascript movement can make a huge difference.

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