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SITE REVIEW: Bury The Fallen (Hardcore Band)

  • Truce
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  • Truce
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Post 3+ Months Ago

Hey guys, I am back for another review. I recently redesigned and coded this site and it looks a lot better than before. I am still not having the volume of participation from fans as I had hoped and I was wondering what I could do to maybe attract more people.

Any tips/suggestions are welcomed!
  • madmonk
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Post 3+ Months Ago

Hi, maybe there are too many words on the homepage? at least too many for me to read... :-(
  • DR01D
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Post 3+ Months Ago

hmmm, in terms of attracting people its probably not really the design of the site that may be causing that. if you want more traffic look at different ways of marketing the site offline and online.

in terms of the design, here are a few comments that would help make the site a bit more attractive ;-)

- maybe use some imagery of the band in the header blended in. just that i come into the site and from all the imagery dont get the idea of what the site is for. so some collage type treatment would help this.

also white text on black is hard on the eye for contrast maybe make the white text a really light grey. and also breaking up the text structure a little more using different shade of grey/colour or even bolding for titles etc this will help break up the contrast and put focus on titles, this helps someone skim the page to look for what they are after and not have to read every bit of text.

other than that, nice design and easy to navigate. good job!!!
  • 613flavah
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Post 3+ Months Ago

Hey truce I like the feel of this site. It really suits the hardcore band theme :)

Yet, if I came across this site I don't think I'd know what it was had you not told me or had I not looked at the title tag. Maybe put an intro paragraph about the band as a first page so ppl know what it's about?

The word "menu" is barely visible above the left hand navbar.

The site loads great in all my browsers (Opera, FF, NS & IE)

Again the quotes under the bios are hard to read, they are currently in grey against a black background. Make them more visible.

I'd move the contact us link on the navbar to the last or second last item because the rest of the links are far more important than contacting the band. Contact us is usually left as one of the last links on a navbar. (Nice navbar btw!)

Photo gallery, nice mouseover effect. I think the photos would look nicer if they opened up in a pop up instead of a new page.

All external links should be opened in a new browser. Otherwise you're encouraging your viewers to leave your site. haha I like how you put your personal site in there LOL. No reference to hardcore at all hehe. Also space out your link entries. Right now they are all scrunched together.

Don't forget your meta data & alt tags on images

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