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I am looking for a review of our redesigned website:

It is a website geared towards college students in North and South Dakota. I am looking for input on understanding of the website's purpose, content contained, ease of use, usefulness, look/layout, and other other comments.

If you see any issues in your browser please let me know also.

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Post 3+ Months Ago

I wouldn't say its bad by any means. The colors are reasonably pleasing and clean. However, I thing it could use some work with visual hierarchy and spacing.

Right now everything has about the same visual priority. Most of the font sizes are within a few pixels of each other and all the content blocks are very similar in color and size meaning that a new visitor doesn't know what to look at first. To solve this I would recommend making headlines (like in the classified section) quite a bit larger than the supporting text and it might be wise to even choose a different style of font for headings. The Sans Serif/Serif text combo is always visually pleasing.

In addition the featured area could have a lot more visual impact. You obviously have large images for most of those stories so a more traditional carousel with large images and a call to read more will be a lot more impact full than the really large twitter icon and meta information about each section. Changing this to a carousel will also provide a visual "starting point" for people to start to figure out what the site is about. I'd also try to equalize the height of those two top containers. The large amount of background below the features (because of the height of the sidebar) is pretty distracting.

As someone who grew up in Fargo, I also think having something weather related would be extremely helpful. Road closures, warnings, floods, etc all make a big difference for people in that part of the country.

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