SITE REVIEW: can some kind people help me?

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I have developed a website :
It is a small website.just 5 pages.

my client in uk tell me .He can not browse mywebsite.
It is some error in my website.

but I test my website in my computer .
It is not any problem.
And my friends in china help me test my website.
It is ok too.

so I hope some kind people in other country browse my website to check it for me .thanks

thank you very much! :D
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Post 3+ Months Ago

I works if FF, but the left menu is messed up...but still there...Im guessing you coded this for IE.
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Post 3+ Months Ago

I found 108 errors on your site. There is a typo on your header "powful"? seems to work fine in FF and IE.
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Didn't look at your site, but have your client go to a DOS prompt (assuming a windows system) and do a tracert to your web site. So would look like this:


Was he able to reach the site in the past, but can't now? If now, it's possible he is sitting on the net somewhere that is blocked from going to your IP address block. Or it's possible your IP or domain has been blacklisted somewhere.

Another thing to try is to telnet to your site on port 80. That would look like:

telnet 80

On my system, I get a blank screen and when I ctrl-C twice the connection is dropped with an HTTP 400 Bad Request Error.

IF those two things are working, then the problem is not the network, but in the web server/web site.

Hope this helps you figure out where the problem is.
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Post 3+ Months Ago

the 108 errors icedteabag was referring to can be seen here at the W3C Validator ... try fixing them first before going on to the ASP error you have ... that's why it looks funny in FF ... but it's all in chinese or something so I can't really understand it ...

I think it'd also be wise to move over to CSS and XHTML instead of still using tables ...

then on the "contact us" page, how would a person know if the message has been submitted successfully if there's nothing that says "message delivered" or something like that after pressing the "Send Message" button ...

Further than that, I like your site ... nice ...

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