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This is my Online Portfolio, what do you think?, all suggestions are greatly appreciated!
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I like the header very much.!
The site also looks cool.
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The header is good maybe you work on the logo? Logo's should be simple but maybe if you introduce another colour or do something interesting with the alignment of the text?

Also, I would recommend you change the font on the body text.

I would not use both (times new roman) serif and (arial) san-sarif on the same page.

I would recommend you use arial font both for the logo and body text.

hope this helps
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I'll second that vote on the arial font..ANYTHING but Times would be better...
The over all site layout looks great from a graphics perspective, all though the logo makes it look like you just bought a template and edited it with your own text..You should make the text a bit more flashy, maybe try downloading some unique fonts??

The top area with the empty white cells makes me think links should be there..Why not just make that a solid white bar, or actually add links in that section?

For your site search, the text in the search box shouldn't read google search, but rather 'search this site' (seeing as it searches your site that would be more appropriate). Also, a handy function to have is this:
Code: [ Select ]
<input type="text" name="keywords" value="Search Projects" size="27" style="background-color: rgb(247,247,247)" onFocus="">

See that section that says 'onFocus'? It'll make it so when I click on that search box, it highlights ALL of the text and I can delete it with my new entry (I use it on both the sites in my sig for the search portion, give it a go..). That way I don't have to delete your text of 'Google Search' before I can find what I'm looking for. All about conviences!!

The images on the far right of your sites logo need alt tags, like 'home' and 'search' etc, just so I know where they are going to take me..


Your site needs a more suitable title, meta tags, and a meta description so when it gets indexed by a search engine, people will know what your site is about. I'm sure as heck not going to click on a link that says '0005_red' when I'm looking for a website designer.

You may also want to include subpages for each of the sites you've worked on, maybe with a screenshot of the site, a little blurb about what exactly you did.
Also, you may want to check some of those links. I got a few 404 errors when going through them. Dead links say to me that you don't update your site...and probobly won't answer my contact requests.

Hope this helps!
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Well taking a brief look at the site i completely agree with all other threads with regards to using Times New Roman. This font should be banned.

The header as all others have said is good effective and a nice centre point, but there isn't that clean cut look that i try to look for in impressive site.

The grey block areas at the top seem to want to be used but aren't?

The main home page's header is rather on the large size and even oer a 2MB lease line took longer than i would expect.

Large images = slow site. Especially for the dialup users that our still out there.

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