SITE REVIEW: Dark Writer Press

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O.K here's my site
Dark Writers Press

Now I'm a little new to this webmaster game, so be gentle :roll:
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You might want to standardize the size of text in those navigation buttons
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Ok first things first, get rid of that awful brown background!! :shock:
If you are going to keep it, change the colour of your active links, right now they are blue and don't show up well on a brown background

As OSGEN mentioned, keep your font standardized, it looks alot more professional that way

I'd suggest making a bulleted list if you're going to mention a list of items, like you did here "DWP Publishing house is compiling some short story anthologies in the following genres: eHorror eFantasy eScience Fiction eRomance"

Separate your entries by highlighted the dates, it would stand out alot better

Spelling mistakes!! Never publish a site without spellchecking first. In your first sentence of the second paragraph you have the word "This" capitalized after a comma. DON'T. After the word "manuscripts" you have comma, you should change that to a semi colon instead

Don't center your text

Why is your Workshop area have a completely different look to it? I thought I had been sent to a completely different website at first

You need a better title than "Title Here" ;)

Good use of keywords & description!

Try using CSS instead of inline font tags

Instead of using so many &nbsp; use <div> tags to align things

You've got empty td tags. <td></td> At least put a &nbsp; in them in case some browsers don't display them properly

You've got a no script tag. Good job!
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I am very new to web design to, the only thing i would say is the colours are to strong....need to be lightened or even get rid of the brown background and go with something completely different.

Also to many different colour fonts...i found that when you start a web page you want to fill every inch of the page with anything even if its larger fonts.

Less is small as they say...just in my opinion you don't need to fill up everything as your site develops you can add later..

A good start much better than the first one i

Found it
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I'm not a site designer or anything but as a small review, The color is a little hard on the eye's and I think that the font is a little crazy. In my opinion, it should be the same color. One more thing is the banner at the top, it might look better if it were centered. just my 2 cents.

~ Ed

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