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Hey Masters!
Recently finalized web site

Accepting negative and positive opinions about:

1. Usability
2. SEO acceptability :)
3. Readability
4 ***ability

Thanks for all reviews!

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Not much design, but ok with it. It is easy to understand its structure, it has very easy navigation.

However, I cannot see any tips in the page header, which is a bad thing because I can only see that there`s supposed to be some tips :)

The contact page is lacking forms. You should also add this option. The website loads fast, and its content is quite good. I also saw your icon :) great job with that one.

Your page titles are also good, will probably improve your SEO.

A big minus would be the fact that you are using table structured layout, which is way wrong. A full css layout will improve your loading times, SEO score.

Overall, a good website. great job here, but you should switch away from <tr><td> :)
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i like it easy to understand loads very fast nice job
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A Usefull one, Design is not bad, not too good either but it's ok
loads fast too
good job

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