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I would appreciate and review, feedback or critiques for:
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Well general first impression... I really like it. Its hard to do a whole lot with a blog, but its clean and reasonably legible (Its actually wonderful to see a blog site that isn't covered in google advertising). However, after I looked at the actual depthskins website (I can't help it, I'm physically compelled to remove subdomains and look at the parent.. ) the labs site seemed to really lack the visual depth and beauty of the parent site.

I'm trying to provide some solutions, but the best I can do is that the white content background, while improving legibility, is very dissimilar to the dark and moody feeling of the parent site. You've also introduced serif type that doesn't seem overly consistent with the condensed sanserif of your logo and parent site. At the very least you could probably add some subterranean imagery (similar style to the header) to the footer and then overlay the footer content.

Overall though, I do really like what you've done. My only non-visual complaint is the amount of content, but I'm probably calling the kettle black on that one since I know how hard it is to spend all your time writing...
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took a while to load, check that out... I'm on adsl too!

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