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first of all i'd like to say that i am so glad to be back on ozzu after about 6 months! i have been busy all during this time with my career and other things and also i had nothing much to share on ozzu as well. hope my return here would be auspicious and lucky to me and i'll get some guidance from from the expert webmasters here (whom i consider my mentors).

okey so coming back to the topic. i have created a website that i call "Dyava Network". it does not come to any broad category and it is basically an internet-info-sharing based website. i wont mind if you call it a mix-bag site. i have made it in pure html (it has recently been launched so i have only about total 16-17 pages) with a search page written in php (doesnt have an interface but works as a search engine that generates a result page for the search feature). 8)

it is not much advanced and extensive yet but i put my honest efforts in making and maintaining it. i am growing it up into a major "information network".. if you like to call it so. i am currently running it on a free domain but plan to buy an info domain next month or so. :)

please review my website and give your expert comments both positive and negative.. because i know that i have a lot to improve and implement in it. looking forward to some good suggestions. hope all this text didn't bore you.. :wink:

it is actually a subdomain:
but i am redirecting to it from a shorter free domain:

use any one link you like .. you'll end up at the same place! :lol:

i await all your comments.. shoot them at me! :)

thanks and regards

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