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Post 3+ Months Ago

we have a ring of sites for all our services

the first one is (design)
the second is (development & hosting)
the third is: (marketing)
based on what I hear here, I'll be building the last site and our portal page acordingly

we basicly offer: design, development, and marketing

so when its all said and done I'll have 1 portal page ( going to 3 different sites reflecting our 3 main services

let me know if theres a better idea then portal and 3 sites.

thanks ahead of time for all the input.
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Post 3+ Months Ago

Design Site:
The overall design is well put together. there are a couple errors with alignment, mainly the bottom center is too high on most of the pages. Also, the FAQ page is wide. It would be better off if it were long in my honest opinion (this would probably also fix the top being off-center on the page.

Hosting Site:
Very clean well thought out design, especially like the Flash integration. "Tech feed" seems to be missing the top half of the text on Linux :( . The only error besides that is the program logos going out of their module at the bottom of the page.

Marketing Site:


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