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please review site design //link removed
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Simple design although it has 160 errors and no Doctype!
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Appropraite layout stability using tables will be in our grasp if coded correctly which your site does have it already and that is considered as an advantage for your site.

You have used a site builder which cannot create a standard web site as Bogey stated. You need to standarize your website based on w3c standards and to increase the accessibilty of your website, that is to reach to as many audiences as you can, your website's code must conforn to WCAG.

You may want to consider deviding the articles to some paragraphs rather than having them in a long section to increase the readability of your content.

I am an "XHTML / CSS Coder" and my portfolio is located at . I can help you to standardize your web site based on W3C standards and also I can help you to remove the accessibility bariers by conforming your site to the Web Content Accessibilty Guideline 2 L2.

Having a horizontal scroll bar decreases the readability of your website at the resolution of 800*600. You might also be interseted in reading the "other design consideration" of my portfolio.

You can use my email in my portfolio to contact me if you are interested.
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Hi ..
I think that design is simple but usefull .. some pictures are pixelationalized ...

navigate is good.. . try to correct mistakes in code .. you have 160 errors ...

Good luck! :)
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puertovallartafish wrote:
please review site design

Well the best way I can review your website is to index it into my New Zealand based search engine ( and then have a look at the results we got back from our webspider as it crawled your website.
So far it is producing some good results with no obvious design errors showing up from our end.
I have noticed that your server seems to be on the slow side, so far only six files have been indexed, normally this only takes around ten minutes but we are also indexing a further one hundred and seven websites at the same time so it may just be a slowing down of the data around the web.
URI : (11 pages)
11 pages
These have so far been indexed, I hope this helps you out my Friend.
Heaps of regards
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Oh oh, you didn't follow the simple rules, you broke the first one:

Please review at least three other sites first and give some constructive criticism regarding their site. Posting replies such as "looks good" or "nice site" will not satisfy the requirement. You must give them something to work with whether its positve feedback or negative feedback.

I am locking this thread until you make 3 useful reviews. If you want people to give you good reviews, you have to in turn give 3 good reviews. By good reviews I mean you must tell them how to improve their site, give them suggestions.

Once you write 3 more decent reviews (you can edit your other reviews, or write 3 new ones) you can PM any online moderator and we will unlock this thread and remove my remarks. If you do not make 3 good reviews within 2 days I will remove this entire post.

Please don't take this personal, we only enforce these rules so it's fair to every user and they all get decent reviews on their sites so in turn you can too.

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