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Hi friends,
When I started my first website, all I knew was writing a text and adding links.
Now, I have learned my things: colors, tables, the importance of the appearance ...etc
I invite you to review my website:

I think that it is a good step towards the best.
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Post 3+ Months Ago

Hi waelmanz,
Welcome to ozzu! I would recommend that you stay away from tables except in well tables of data. If coding isn't your thing you can always use a pre-written css frame work from here or here.

The site as it is right now looks like a very basic first site, if you you would like something with more polish and a more commercially viable look but don't want to code it you can always buy a fully written site here or here.

However if you would like to write your own site I would look at a couple of sites up on some css galleries (here and here) for inspiration.

Hope this helps.
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Post 3+ Months Ago

I have no intentions of being a mean person or anything of that sort, but as a web developer myself and with fresh memories of the early days of my web development "age", and that site successfully and effectively reminds me of those times.

I would suggest practicing a bit more on HTML and CSS. To start off you may head off to w3 Schools.

If you don't want to go through all the trouble into going through HTML and CSS tutorials and the learning process, you might as well learn a working knowledge so you can go to one of the sites and get a css based frame work like CXLink pointed out and be able to play around with the CSS a bit and change the colours, text styles and things like that.

By the way:

CSS: Cascading Style Sheet
HTML: Hyper Text Mark-Up Language

Reason I'm telling you this on a web site design review is, well, this is the first time I'm seeing this site, and I'm honestly and trying to be as nice as possible telling you that the site you created looks like it might be the first thing you have created.

That site certainly is a start, and the end result could be a really good and for the best of your site. And these kind of reviews would certainly help you get it to that point.

There is nothing much I can tell you besides taking some more time in learning HTML and CSS and revising that site.

To give you a few ideas on your next version of your site, have some pictures of Islam placed logically and creatively in there to make it look clever and work with the colors and show off Islam. I know that the site is created for Islams and they know what its all about, but a few pictures wouldn't hurt, and certainly raise the appeal of the site.

That's all I got right now. Good luck with the progression of that site. It's certainly a learning process.

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