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Any comments and suggestions are appreciated. Thank you. - Alaska For Sale By Owner homes and land. Alaska's premier FSBO real estate website.
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Very nice site. the layout is excellent and the color scheme is very nice.

I clicked around and found no problems. everything is clean graphics are good and navigation is very well put together.

Just one bit of advice. You might want to use larger font or a different font in your disclaimer. I couldn't read it that well.

Also with the advent of all these popup stoppers i think it would be better if you used a layer built on the page instead of a java popup.

Other than that great job.

Don't forget to review mysite please here is the link!!!!
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I think your layout is a good standard design that is readily usable.

I do have some concerns for you though.

My first concern is file size. The graphics alone on the front page are about 136k. This is a very heavy front page for slower connections. My rule of thumb for front pages is about 40 to 50k. Even if I know a site will only be used on a high-speed intranet, I still like to keep the file sizes down for efficiency's sake.

I think you could save some file size right at the top with your header graphic. Currently it's a single JPG. My suggestion would be to divide this into two graphics a GIF for the logo and a JPG for the photo. This should also allow you to make the photo area a little sharper.

The colors you're using for the menu text color seem a little too primary for my tastes. I think if you pulled the yellow from the logo and used that instead it might tie the look together better. This is purely subjective, of course.

You might also consider specifiying an 'active' color for text links in your CSS. Currently it defaults to the browser's color, which is purple. So if I click on the external link to the US Census Bureau, then close that window, that link is still purple until I shift the focus away from it. The purple doesn't really fit into the color scheme.

Lastly I'd like to say that you've provided some very good information to prospective home buyers. The kind of information that I would be looking for if I was in the market, anyway.

:shock: I had no idea properties/houses were so expensive in Anchorage. lol.
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it looks very pro i love the layout i dont have any negative coments apart from it loads slowish
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Very nice work very proffesional. Very clean layour easliy surfed It loaded up quickly and all the images are clean. Dislclaimer could be like one size larger but who cares :lol: good job

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