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Hi, you have seen my website (kalbal's homepage) well, whilst i was making the flash website some of you have heard about, my bro decided to have a go, he made this site in flash
considering he is 13 i think he did very well, but he told me to post it here and see what you think
ok, he told me to put this
"E.L.D.T stands for european league dream team and it is an online managing game, where select players within budget and play in a league against other people who have created their dream team"

well tell me what you think, so i can tell him :roll:
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Post 3+ Months Ago

First why not make the background green? Everything is very grassy, then you have this white all around it and the effect of ruined.

Also, you might want to make it a tad bit smaller for people with smaller resolutions. People with 800x600 aren’t going to see it all that well. Actually if you pushed it up so there is no white space on top, and then made it just a bit smaller, 800x600 could scroll a tad and it would fit them well enough. Since it’s flash and they don’t have to scroll every time they click a link… (but it’s always good to try to make your pages work with all sort of screen resolutions.)

Also your rollover text is dark gray while your regular text is black. Not much of a difference is it? Why not play a little? Maybe keep in touch with your color scheme and make it a bright green? And your text could be a tad bit smaller in some places. As you can see it sort of runs off your designated content area. It also would hurt to see what it looks like if you made your content area’s background a little bit lighter. It’s not hard to read, but it’s somewhat distracting. Good Luck.

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