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It's Not Easy Being Green: Site Review


We have just developed a new web site (like a week old).

It's at, and talks about green living and helping the planet through support of organic farming, solar energy, etc.

GreenJoyment is a new venture for us, and I'm not really sure with a whole lot of the programming or layout and design. It's built in Movable Type, which was an adventure to figure out all on it's own.

But anyway, take a look if you don't mind. What we're wanting to know is if the navigation is simple, and if the design is appealing, but if you have ways we should improve, we're more than open to suggestions.


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Here are just a few things for you to change more or less as soon as you can.

First of all, whilst the design is good to look at and navigate through i can't help but get incredibly annoyed at the constant "13 step" pop up thing you've got going. Every page i click on and up it comes, if i wasn't browsing the site for the review then i probably wouldn't have hung around long enough to go through that more than twice. My suggestion would be to just leave the option available with embeded section on the pages.

The design of the site is as i say good to look at and navigate, yet when i click on another link at the top of the screen i can't backtrack unless i click back. I like it usually when a site has a link somewhere that will take me back to home. I don't particularly want to go to the navigation bar and restart nor do i want to click on Back for as many times as i need to to go back home. The best discreet yet most commonly link back to the index page is through the website logo. Just change the logo from...

Code: [ Select ]


Code: [ Select ]
<a href="><></a>

Note that you must obviously change the "yourside" and the route directory of the image for your own site. I'm sure you probably knew how to do this anyway.

Next, i'm left having visited the site with no clear indication as to what the site is actually about. On the main index page you have what appears to be a sort of blog going on, this blog will change whenever you upload something different, so the information will always be different. Had you considered just having some brief text above that covering the reason for the site and what you hope to achieve? i think that would at least help people understand what the purpose of the site is. I mean, at present you do get an idea but it's not the most overly clear site on the net which again might put people off returning to the site in the future.

As a continuation of the content i'd like to bring to your attention a bit of a messy looking area that i think should be changed as soon as you get a chance. Say for example you load up the "Education" page, right under the "13 steps" email box you've got a list of options which have bullet points. Firstly the bullet points could be replaced with something a bit smarter, or simply just removed completely. Secondly, the actual area of the page looks plain and pretty boring. If you brought in a different colour in the background you'd be improving that alot. A simple light green might do the trick, this will blend in nicely with the rest of the site.

The advice above is all pretty fair, but i know you're going to have trouble with it. I know that because when i see the coding it's pretty clear to me you've used either a template or a website building software like Dreamweaver or Frontpage. Because you've used that the coding is just very untidy, it's going to be a pain to edit and get everything to go exactly how you might like it. I understand you're probably an amateur in website design, so i completely appreciate that it's not as easy at first. However as a tip, to get the hang of things further i'd suggest reading alot of posts in Ozzu and checking out some of the tutorials in PHP as well as HTML. PHP will allow you to create more dynamic websites, which to me saved me from losing all interest in website design when i started off just a few years ago.

If you have any further questions i'd be more than happy to answer, providing i have the time.


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