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Would you use this directory to find a beauty salon or hair stylist.


SITE REVIEW: Hair Resources

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Greetings Ozzu members:

I would like to get some feedback on my site, It is a nationwide beauty salon and hair stylist directory that also offers hair style photos, hair care products and other related hair info.

Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated! Currently, we have listed salons in Alabama, Washington, Ohio and Illinois.


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First I voted no in your poll and it has nothing to do with your site. I made that vote because I personally wouldn't use any online site to look for a hair resource.

Now onto the review.

I think you have a great concept, but your site needs some detailed technical work and overall a better creative look. In a word the site is "bland". There is nothing on the main page that is what I would consider "stylish" in overall appearance that would make me want to look much further into it.

I do like your logo header, but I'm guessing you are using a monitor with 800x600 resolution. If you look at the site on a monitor resolution of 1024x768 or higher, the header logo extends completely left and right, but the page itself is all to the left and there is a gap of whitespace on the right on all your pages in the higher resolutions.

I like the dynamic navigation, but the color doesn't apeal to me.

On your images on the main page and eslewhere, you need to include the border="0" to your image tags to elliminate the annoying link border surrounding your thumbnail links. Also on your main page your thumbnail picture links do not line up horizontally in Netscape 7.1

On the main page your javascript scroll banner is centered as it should be in IE, but is right justified in Netscape 7.1

The site is extremely content rich and that is a good thing, but there is no flair to it. It's very basic and looks like it's very basic. If I'm looking for a good "hair" site, I'd want this to be very pleasing to the eye to make me want to look further.

Bottom line I see that you have done some intense thought to content, but have made very little effort to give the site the artistic appearance that it needs.

You also have some issues in the way the links are displayed on your hair cair page. the link for Fine Hair is displayed over top the picture, and I'm sure that's not what you wanted. This particular page (The hair link one) is a good indication that you need to hone your HTML skills. Other than the fairly nice header and navigation, the rest of the page is coded like a beginner would. Now, if you are a beginner, then I have to say you have done well with it so far, but you still have a ways to go.

I think you can improve this to the appearance it should have with a little work, but overall I like the complete concept of your site.
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i voted no also with the same reason as atno/tw.

The site is easy to navigate, loads at a normal speed, and overall good layout.

the layout of the body is not centered and there's too much white space on the right like atno/tw said but for me, it's OK because some websites actually looks like this except that they have a huge vertical banner on the side to make it look like there's no space wasted.

while browsing through your site, i noticed in the "hair trends + fashion" under features that you wrote "For those interested in bold looks, purple will be the new pink this spring". does that mean that you not all the pages are updated :?:
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Very simple.
Easy to navigate
Nice colors

Good work :)
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I don't really like the bar on ther right with quick links, pics of woman are too small, would look better with larger size pictures, better quality etc. Other then that, looks pretty good, a little too plain for my taste could use a little spice to it.

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